Shiny Starter Giveaway

I will be giving away these shiny starters all are 5/6 IV and Kalos bred (you can see their Ivs from their special markings )

Reblog and like as much as you want but each will only count as 1 entry

I will randomly select 3 people

They will each choose ONE shiny Starter pokemon

The remaining starters will be a part of another shiny starter giveaway

This giveaway ends tomorrow !



As promised: Mega Shiny Legendary Pokemon Giveaway!

What you can win!:

  1. Shiny Virizion
  2. Shiny Kyogre
  3. Shiny Darkrai
  4. Shiny Regice
  5. Shiny Rayquaza
  6. Shiny phione
  7. Shiny mewtwo
  8. Shiny latios
  9. Shiny latias
  10. Numerous shiny pokemon shown in the pc box!


  • First place wins three legendary pokemon of their choice 
  • Second place wins three remaining legendary pokemon
  • Third place wins the three remaining legendary pokemon 
  • Fourth place (followers only) wins three shiny pokemon shown in the PC box
  • Fifth place (again- only if you’re following me) wins two shiny pokemon shown in the pc box


  • Don’t need to be following me to win
  • If you do follow me and win, you also get to choose two additional shiny pokemon shown in the pc box
  • Both reblogs/likes count
  • I don’t care if you’re a giveaway blog

I’m ending this giveaway next week- Sunday, July 6th at 9pm

A random number generator will be used to select the winners!

Enjoy! ~